Sunday, Jan. 19th is Sanctity of Human Laife Sunday, which is widely-recognized around our nation. And Crossroads has the opportunity to truly make an impact for the lives of the unborn right here in the Lowcountry!
Beginning this Sunday, take home a Baby Bottle, fill it with loose change, cash, and/or checks, and return it to Crossroads by FEBRUARY 16TH. ALL FUNDS RAISED will go directly to the life-saving (and life-changing) work of the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center. 
Did you know that in 2018, through the work of LPC, 633 women at risk for abortion CHOSE LIFE for their babies?! YOU can help save lives, simply by filling a Baby Bottle. Let’s do it, Crossroads!
**Be sure to drop your receipt in the donation box so a percentage of the proceeds will go to Crossroads!
Did you know your love of doughnuts could help our Crossroads Youth fund their activities? Contact John Peters, Luria Queen, or any Youth Group member to order!
$10 per dozen and ALL funds raised go to our CCCJI Youth Program!
Contact: or for more info or to order! You can also place your order on Sunday at church!

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